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How to get QTY of stainless steel filter nozzles?

How to get the quantity of stainless steel filter nozzles?

When many water treatment equipment manufacturers decide to use stainless steel filter nozzles instead of plastic nozzles, they don’t know how to confirm the quantity of stainless steel nozzles. If choose more nozzles than need, the cost will increase. And if less quantity, the flow will not affect the operation effect.

Today Yincron shared the reference standards given by the National Water Treatment Center:

For old filter tank used plastic nozzles

You can choose stainless steel filter nozzles with similar flow specifications, such as 0.5T/H, 1.0T/H, etc. So that the quantity of SS nozzles can refer to the original design without any changes.

For new filter equipment

First you need the equipment flow requirement ( defining total flow as Q1), and then select a filter nozzle specification ( defining nozzle flow as Q2). The quantity of filter nozzles required for the new equipment is N=Q1/Q2*0.7 (0.7 is the filter loss coefficient, and the reference coefficient range is 0.65 – 0.75)

please be sure to select the correct filter nozzles according to your requirement

Don’t worry, you can also ask our technical experts for details.