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Lateral Distributors

Wedge wire screen Lateral Distributors used for Inlet and outlet and backwash distribution system, which ensures complete fluidization of media bed during the backwash cycle, essential to the operation of any media filter.

YINCRON provides a wide range of industrial water lateral distributors and nozzle strainers for water treatment. 

Our products are used in industrial water treatment, water purification, in ions exchange systems and also in water softening filters.

  Materical: SS304/316L/321/904L
Duplex 2205/2507, Hastelloy C276, Titanium TA2

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We are specializing in the production of Lateral Distributor, Collector systems and Filter Nozzles.

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We produce wedge wire products such as Filter nozzles, Lateral distributors, Strainer baskets, Resin traps, Intake screens, Rotary drum sieves.

Also, we design separation screens for various food processing, chemical processing, and water treatment applications.

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