Yincron Wedge Wire Filters

Filter Nozzles-C

Filter Nozzles are used in liquid/solid separation, and their design and quantity will vary depending on the application and flow requirements.

YINCRON Nozzles ensure a more effective flow of media in chemical reactors and filters.


    • Rapid and gravity sand filters
    • Activated carbon vessels
    • Demineralizers/water softeners filters
    • Ion exchange columns
    • Collectors and distributors


    • High temperature resistance (>100°C)
    • A wider open area
    • Very Strong Construction
    • Easy slot customisation
    • Low Pressure loss
    • Long life and lowmaintenance cost


Standard diameter

φ45/φ53/φ57/φ82 mm

Slot opening

0.1 – 1.0 mm
Mesh18- Mesh150
0.00394"-0.0394" Inches


Duplex 2205/2507
Hastelloy C276
Titanium TA2